Production / Engineering

Alfa Valves butterfly valves are well known as HIGH QUALITY and RELIABLE PRODUCTS, as a result of continuous effort in improving research and manufacturing process. A comprehensive quality assurance program is the starting point from quotation to order entry and to in-time delivery of the products together with required documentation and certification.

Alfa Valves always engage in reaching technical innovations for its products to reach the best solution to any concrete problem.

With use of our CAD, 3D and manufacturing system we can assure the best results during the whole process of manufacturing.

Alfa Valves has a casting background and a choice of qualified and certified suppliers. PRODUCTION Alfa Valves factory and subsuppliers are equipped with modern machinery managed by highly qualified technicians and inspectors.

All Valves are pressure-, functional- and torque tested during and after assembly according to API-598 or BS 5155 with the pressure as indicated on the valve TAG plate, all other valves are pressure and functional tested according Alfa Valves quality standard which is within international quality standards.