Design features

Alfa Valves supplies a full range of butterfly valves, compact in design and streamlined disc design a high Kv/Cv values, low pressure loss and energy cost. The vulcanised bonded liner for longer lifetime, no corrosion between body and liner. Because of the limited number of parts our valves are maintenance friendly and easy in use.

1. Topflange
Actuation Flange according ISO 5211

2. Valve body
Minimum GGG40 body
Available in several materials

3. Disc
Streamlined centric disc to reduce pressure loss and lower energy costs available in several materials

4. Liner
Vulcanised Lining bonded to the Body, no corrosion between valve body and liner for:
- Suitable for dry conditions
- Longer life time
- For end of line service
- Low torque
- No flange gaskets required
Available in several materials

5. Shaft
Centric One piece shaft system, 100% bi-directional tight shut off

6. Support bearing
Extra support bearing for lower valve torque

7. Bearing bush
Bronze bearing bush vulcanised to the liner. No use of o-rings on the shaft

8. Pin
Cylindrical pin

9. Stop plug
To seal bottom side of the valve and to guide stem/shaft